Caring for children aged 3 months – 12 years in Clacton-on-Sea
 Caring for children aged 3 months – 12 yearsin Clacton-on-Sea

Day Care for babies to five years old

The Buds - Babies

0 - 12 months

The baby unit is designed for babies and toddlers, and aims to provide a secure, happy and comfortable environment for this age group. The baby room is purposely designed and carefully equipped for those all important early days. The practitioners are trained in the needs of the babies and will provide as much care and one to one attention as possible to encourage development of physical, oral and social skills. The room promotes play and safe exploration essential to a young enquiring mind, as well as comfort and lots of cuddles. The children are encouraged to explore natural materials and the room has a wealth of treasure baskets.


The health and safety of the babies is of paramount importance and the nursery provides excellent facilities for feeding and changing. The baby bathroom is adjacent to the baby unit, which is equipped to a high standard. Practitioners will be happy to show parents/carers the arrangements and will follow individual feeding/sleeping practices as well as assist in the development of the child's eating habits. All food provided is prepared in hygienic conditions and will be varied and chosen for its nutritional value. In addition, good eating practices will be encouraged.

The Blossoms

12 Months - 18 months

Blossoms will offer your child a stimulating and safe environment in which to grow and develop curiosity, co-ordination and physical abilities, amongst caring and experienced practitioners.


The practitioners promote play and safe exploration whilst providing support and cuddles. Children can explore the play gym with slide attached to encourage physical development. They enjoy pretend play in the country kitchen and in our garden cottage. Story time and singing sessions with actions, music and props occur daily. We encourage children to develop their listening skills and through interaction with practitioners and children, their vocabulary develops rapidly.


Food is provided and prepared in hygienic conditions. In addition good eating practices and manners continue to be encouraged.

Day Care 18 months – 3 years

Twiglets and Poppies

18 months - 2 years

Catkins and Sunflowers

2 - 3 years

These groups offer your child the opportunity to develop in a stimulating, rich and varied environment. Children can explore and learn in a safe and secure area. Our extensive range of construction toys, dressing up clothes, story books, jigsaws, role playing equipment, sand and water play and numerous art materials will benefit your child's development in all areas of learning.


There is a quiet area where your child can rest or sleep if they need to. They will also spend valuable time in a small group situation with their key person perhaps reading a story or singing songs.


Our experienced practitioners encourage the children in all areas of independence such as toileting, eating and dressing. We always praise children for their new achievements which in turn boosts their self esteem and confidence.

Day Care 3 – 5 year olds

Willows, Bluebells and Buttercups

3 – 5 years

For this pre-school age group the room is designed to provide a stimulating exciting environment for children to continue to develop as individuals. The resources ensure a creative and imaginative situation for each child to enjoy, including messy activities such as painting, gluing and chalking, sand/water play as well as numerous table top toys. One popular feature is a two story play loft, which over a period of time has been transformed into a hairdressers, doctors, and seafaring galleon. We encourage the children to engage in board games with small groups where they can practice the important social skills of sharing and co-operating. Cookery is a very important activity that's carried out on a regular basis, and can help to encourage various skills. We have a vast range of construction toys giving children the opportunity to build models. Children are encouraged to use their logical and problem solving skills with our many puzzles and games. Children also develop early keyboard and mouse skills whilst accessing our computers and educational software.


Music and story time happens daily enabling the children to use their imagination to the full. Listening to exciting new stories will stimulate your child to use new words and explore their meanings. The quiet area is made as comfortable as possible to encourage your child to curl up with a book.


In readiness for school, children will learn many new skills encouraging them to develop pre writing, number, word, colour and shape recognition. We feel the ladder of education can never be secure unless the first rung is firmly in place.


Willows, Bluebells and Buttercups have the opportunity to participate in many clubs and classes including:


• Dance classes with our Qualified Dance Teacher
• Exercise, sports and ball skills with a Professional Basketball Coach
• An introduction to Spanish with weekly lessons
• Drama Workshops

Older children - after school and holiday club

For older children, please see our after school and holiday club page.


Schools we collect from for After School Club: Alton Park, Bursville, Cann Hall, Great Clacton, Holland Haven, Holland Park, Oakwood, St Claire's, St Andrews, Whitehall Academy. 

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FREE education and childcare entitlement for 2 - 4 year olds explained here.

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