Caring for children aged 3 months – 12 years in Clacton-on-Sea
 Caring for children aged 3 months – 12 yearsin Clacton-on-Sea

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European Language Day 2017

13/3/18/ Willow Tree wins again! 

The Council of Europe have confirmed that out of the whole of the United Kingdom, the Willow Tree has won the 'most innovative event for the 'European Day of Languages.'  Milly, our Spanish Teacher with the help of the Aunties, organised a 'How Languages Shape Us' event with each room choosing a different country to represent. The nursery was decorated with flags, maps and posters, whilst staff and children dressed in the colours and traditional costume of choice.  Events throughout the day included stories, craft, games and foods from the chosen countries. The day was a complete success!  With fun educational language learning, the world became smaller and more accessible to the children, enriching their understanding of different cultures. Winning this award just made it even better! 

1/3/18 Top 20 recommended Nurseries 

Fantastic news! The Willow Tree has been voted one of the top 20 recommended Nurseries in the East of England. Discovering this vast area covers Essex; Cambridgeshire; Norfolk; Suffolk; Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, was amazing. With our wins for Blue Ribbon and European Language, this Day Nurseries award gives us a 'trio of trophies!' This one's even more special because it's judged by the families that actually use our services. Thank you to everyone that voted for us, supporting the Willow Tree and sharing in its success.       

5/10/17 Tendring Blue Ribbon 2017

Winners and nominees from Businesses around the district attended a glittering ceremony at the Princes Theatre for a night of recognition and celebration.  A prominent panel of judges presented a total of 15 awards of which we are proud to say resulted in the Willow Tree winning the prestigious 'Team of the Year.!'  The decision was based on the nomination, recognising that the team provide outstanding teaching in an innovative, stimulating manner.  The Willow Tree team were exceptionally proud to have won this award and continued the celebrations, sharing the results with the children and their families.     

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